About Soulan Apparel

Soulan Apparel is an online Active & Loungewear company based in Colorado. Style, comfort and quality is our main priority and that's why we strive to bring you the best quality activewear at affordable prices. All items are locally sourced in the USA.

About the Owner, Melissa van Zyl  


Melissa grew up on the track and field. Her childhood revolved around quickly switching from her school uniform to activewear while her mom drove her to practice. Weekends, she didn’t go to school parties, instead she competed all year round in either athletics or netball and was among the top female athletes in South Africa for her division.  
She went on to marry a professional athlete, continuing even more the active sport lifestyle. Anyone who knows Melissa will agree that she loves all things fashion. Soulan Apparel brings you beautiful Active and Loungewear at affordable prices without ever compromising style or quality. 



Behind the name Soulan Apparel


Ask anyone close to Melissa and Johann and they’ll confirm their impulsiveness. At any given time, their bags are probably half packed ready for a spontaneous adventure. One day you’ll see them at home, the following you’ll find them halfway across the world on their way to some new place they haven’t visited before.


This urge to travel was sparked in their early 20’s when one Friday morning, the two woke up in Alsasua, Spain. They craved a little getaway, picked a place on the map, packed their mini Opel Corsa and drove straight to the French Pyrenees where they discovered Saint-Lary Soulan. This is a beautiful small village in the Aure Valley surrounded by breathtaking mountains. They spent the weekend exploring the countryside, having picnics on mountain tops and at night strolling through the romantic city for dinner. 


Until this day, this trip stands out as one of their favorites. Saint-Lary Soulan holds a special place in their heart and will always bring a warm smile to their face.